Privacy Policy

LocalPlumbersDirectory has created this Privacy Policy with an aim to disclose the practices related to information assembling and dissemination. We understand how important privacy is for Internet users and that’s why we have designed this service to be a completely permission-based advertising.
You agree, if you:
1) use or access our website at (the “website”);
2) agree that you will receive e-mails from our team; and/or
3) attain, or attempt to attain, our services at another website of LocalPlumbersDirectory affiliate.

Our Privacy Policy also addresses the following:

The information this website tracks or gathers about you.

What this website will do with the gathered or tracked information.

With whom our website shares the gathered or tracked information.

This website’s opt-out policies:

Our policy on correcting as well as updating your personally information.
Our policy on deactivating your details from our website’s database

Information Collected:


Once the registration is done, users may have to provide following information:

Home Address
Zip code
Residential Phone
Mobile Phone

Additionally, we collect 3rd-party emails to allot managers to login sections of our website. You can opt out simply by following instructions given in Unsubscribe/ Opt-Out section below.

We also create internal reports based on user’s demographics as well as traffic outline for our partners and advertisers. We may use personal information in the reports since it allows our 3rd-party promoters to deliver and users to obtain, more appropriate advertisements.

We have the rights to sell and/or transfer group or aggregate data about the website’s users for some lawful purposes. Aggregate/group data are the usage, demographics or characteristics of the website users in a group devoid of disclosing personal information. By submitting your personally identifiable information to us, and/or using our website you allow us doing the transferring and/or selling such collective data to different parties.

If the (“PII”) personally identifiable information changes, or in case you do not require our services then you can update, correct, delete or even deactivate it simply by emailing the Customer Support or by contacting via telephone. We make use of 3rd-party tracking system known as Google Analytics. It uses cookies for tracking non-personal identifiable information of visitors in the collective usage, volume data, visitors as well as page views for monitoring numerical details of our website. No information gathered through Google Analytics will be linked to personally identifiable information.

IP Addresses

Your IP addresses are used to diagnose problems in our server, or/and to manage our Site. We gather your IP address for having specific and broad demographic information and for validation aspects.


Cookies are used to deliver specific content as per your interest, for saving your passwords to avoid your hassle for re-entering the password tmie and again and for many other purposes. No information taken via cookies will be linked to personally identifiable information.

Sharing of your Information:

If we have your consent, then only we use your registration data for personalizing your all experiences with our services and verification purposes. You’ll have a chance to choose that your information is not shared by simply opting out. By allowing us to supply your information to third parties, you’ll receive information about products or services of your interest free of cost. This information can be shared with our advertisers on a collective basis.

We use your contact information to send information to you about our services and to inform you about our products or services of your interest. Please remember, though, that we do not control, and aren’t responsible for, practices of 3rd-party advertisers. We use your contact information to get in touch with you, when required, about issues concerning our service usage. If you desire to discontinue receiving communications from our team, please use Opt-Out or Unsubscribe option. We like to enhance our business so sometimes we hire different other companies (“Service Providers”) to execute some business-related tasks. For example mailing, maintaining databases, hosting services and much more. When we provide work to another company for performing a task of such nature, we give them all the information they require to perform specific functions, this may include your information that you have provided us via our website.

We can share your information which you provided us with our Service Providers; however such information will get protected by Service Providers as per their privacy policy. All information shared directly with Service Providers will get administered by Service Providers’ own privacy policies. When you reach a service provider through phone numbers given by our website, we or the third party provider may also record those telephonic calls and also share them with appropriate service provider. Those recordings will be maintained by service providers as per their privacy policy.

When you submit your email address and obtain our services with your consent, you agree that you will get marketing related emails from our website and 3rd-party advertisers as well.

You agree that transacting, making an inquiry, a purchase and/or any application for (the “ATSR”) Amended Telemarketing Sales Rule, 16 CFR 310 et seq still give us right to contact you.. Even if your phone number is listed on Do-Not-Call List of Federal Trade Commission, we retain the right to reach you through telemarketing as per ATSR. In addition, by requesting any information from or registering with us, a 3rd-party advertiser through us cann also reach you, such action will constitute an inquiry, a purchase and/or any application with the 3rd-party advertiser for the purposes of ATSR additionally you shall be contacted through e-mail and/or a telemarketing of such 3rd-party advertiser as per ATSR.

Our website reserves all the rights to release the user’s present or past details: a) if we think that our services are being or was used in breach of our Terms and Conditions of Services or to carry out unlawful actions; b) in case the details are subpoenaed; or c) in case the Company gets acquired or sold. In addition, you hereby give authority to the disclosure of the records or communications to any 3rd party when this Company, in its discretion, decides the disclosure being appropriate which includes, without any limitation, sharing user’s e-mail address with third parties in compliance with CAN-SPAM Act 2003.

Other Websites:

Our Site contains links to third-party operated and/or owned websites. We are not responsible for their privacy practices or content of their websites. In addition, marketing partners give our services in bits and pieces. Some marketing partners require transfer of the registered data that you gave to our Company. When required, the Company will provide your information to marketing partners only with your permission. Sometimes, you purchase through our third-party web portal. In such cases, you will be needed to provide some information, for instance your credit card number, for registering or completing a transaction over such website. These types of third-party portals have a separate privacy as well as data collection methods and our Company holds no liability or responsibility related to them.

3rd-Party Offers:

We provide you special offers on products and services from 3rd-party companies. So to get such offers on products or services, your personal information must be given during the registration process and with your permission it will get shared with 3rd-party companies, so that you get their products or services filling another form for registration. You may also opt-out from receiving such communications simply by emailing us.

3rd-Party Newsletter:

If you are using our services, you will also get a complimentary copy of our Privacy Safety Newsletter through email. However, you can unsubscribe it any time just by emailing to us.


We appreciate your support and encouragement thus we love to hear what you say. We post your testimonials but those may contain your PII for instance your name. Please note that we do get our customer’s prior consent when posting these testimonials along with their names. In case you do not want to post your PII under the public page you can anytime reach us and request to remove it. You can send your email to our support team.


All information gathered is technically as well as physically stored in a secure environment. In addition, access to such kind of information is limited, and barred for the public access. Our employees work dedicatedly to ensure the privacy and security of our user’s information.


Visitors who are under the age of 18 years aren’t permitted to submit any personal information and/or use our Site. We do not knowingly collect or solicit information from visitors who are under the age of 18 years. Our team encourages parents as well as guardians to take some time and online participate as well as monitor their children’s activities.


If you want to stop receiving any future communication from our website or you desire to opt out for the reason that you do not want to share your personal details with third party companies, please e-mail us with your Login username and e-mail ID.


We use cookies that are placed on the website to collect information as per your preferences. 3rd party vendor also, including Google, will also display our ads over sites across internet using cookies as per ads based on your prior visits to our site.

Changes in Privacy Policy:

We reserve the rights to update or change our Privacy Policy any time just by posting a notice on our homepage stating we’re changing the Privacy Policy. Your continued use our services and/or continued receipts of our e-mails constitute to be a positive acknowledgement and approval of our customized Privacy Policy.

Contacting Us:

The “contact us” webpage has e-mail links which will let you get in touch with us directly if you have any queries or comments related to our services. We read your messages sent to us and endeavour to reply punctually to each one.

In case you’ve any question about our Privacy Policy or practices of our Company, please do not hesitate to reach us at our email.