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Welcome to http://www.localplumberdirectory.com we, offering you all details about plumbers and services related to plumbing in and close to your area. Usage which includes accessing this site implies agreeing by user to terms and conditions as detailed in Staginpc.com the mother site of this portal. The site has a set of operating rules, policies, price schedules which is liable for changes with time. The user therefore agrees to abide by all such rules and regulations which underlie the mother site as well as other terms and conditions which does or may exist herein. The list would also include the Company’s Privacy Policy as well as other documents that have been incorporated in the site expressly referring to such terms and condition aspects. Usage of the site must only be done after the user has read the terms and conditions explicitly and comprehended their meaning in complete sense.

Acceptance of the agreement:
By entering the site and using its services, you do declare your acceptance of the terms and conditions specified in the Agreement. The Agreement and its acceptance by the user relates to the latest clause as laid down in the terms and conditions. All prior reference to terms and conditions, if any, is turned null and void with this present agreement. This includes any warranty clause or its indirect reference if any, also. There would be occasions when owners of the site consider it necessary to effect some changes in the Agreement clause. In such cases there would be no notice put up on the site regarding such changes for the users to take note about. Before using the site, users are expected to view the Agreement clause which is the latest one in effect. Usage of the site indicates agreement of the user to have viewed the latest agreement clause, and confirmation to abide by the Agreement.

Users who are the age of 18 are not allowed to enter or use the site. Any other applicable or binding laws of the region which the user is when using the site would also be applicable on the user so far as use for meeting requirement goes.

The site is a very useful repository of Plumbers available in the area. The site offers easy search and access facility to connect to such service providers in and around your area. Users therefore would belong to both side of the group “The probable customer and the Probable Service Provider”. The site helps the two to shake hands and even schedule meetings for future action to take place. There are some levels of the site which may require filling p some forms with details. These forms would be available on the website itself and may need inputs from the user of details such as, First name, Last name, Mailing address, Email address and even home telephone number. It may also be noted that the details required in the form may not be limited to just these basic details. Submitting the details to the site would mean the data can be shared with a service provider who would be the ultimate firm or individual with whom the customer would be entering into contract. The details on being passed on to the service provider become the responsibility of the service provider to provide privacy coverage. This specifically applies to such personal details which are found to be in breach of as detailed in their own privacy policy guidelines. This site or company has no liability on the personal details thereafter.

To establish a contact for the customer using this site, with a probable service provider that the customer has opted to connect with, there could be requirement of calling up the service provider at their telephone number. Thereafter there could be the chance of the service provider requesting for more details from the customer in order to set up an appointment. Fees charged by the service provider would be a complete responsibility of the service provider and the customer to agree or not is solely at their own discretion. So far as the authenticity of the details provided by the user of the site goes, it is understood that the customer has agreed to provide correct data in this regard. If at any time the site owners or the service providers associated with the site finds the details of any individual is not correct or conforming to the company rules, the same can be rejected solely at the Agreement as stated in the company web page or and also if the registration data is found to be fraudulent or incomplete or both. Changing the criterions that govern the personal details issue can also be changed by the company at any given time and must be taken note of by the customer.

This main company which hosts the details of the service provider itself does not own, recommend or endorse any of the business listed on this site nor the service provider whose business is being listed here. Responsibility of the business lies solely on the business provider themselves. Service providers are paying a fee to us for allowing them to advertise their services through our site. It is in this process that the details of such service providers are being made available to you.

Services being provided by the service providers therefore are not a liability of this company in any manner, and this is clearly to be understood by the probable customer of the service. In case there is rise of any dispute in your mind regarding the efficacy of the Company, the right to stop using the services of the Company lies solely with you.

License Grant:
Once registered on the site and having consented with the Agreement clause, the use of the site thereafter grants you non-exclusive, revocable, non-transferable limited license to use and access the site. This holds true even for the associated contents of the site that which falls under the purview of the Agreement. It is the Companies prerogative to revoke this license at any time and for reasons known to the Company alone. The contents of the site cannot be copied or used for any information retrieval system which could be electronic or mechanical. Company related information from the site also cannot be extracted or spread using any automated system or query processes. Those details which the Company does permit under its clauses to be used, however maybe have done so. It is also forbidden to clone, copy, emulate, lease, rent, modify, disassemble, recompile, transfer or reverse engineer this site or some portion of the site by any one. A right not included in the Agreement is the sole property of the Company. Working of the site also cannot be tampered with by using any means which could include software usage of hardware usage. Loading the company site with data that loads it and therefore making it unusable is also not allowed.

Proprietary rights:
The way the site has been organised, its contents therein, the digitization process, compilation process, that the site is associated with and has gone into the making of the site belongs completely and exclusively to us and our licensors. These are all protected under the copyrights and trademarks laws as well as other related proprietary laws. Intellectual property rights are also applicable to the site and all other factors mentioned about the site. It is strictly prohibited to sell copy or re-distribute any part of the site by you. The content, document, software or services that have been published on this site cannot be owned by you. The material that has been posted on this site is not to be construed as waiver of any associated rights that may be linked to the information or to the material.

Trademarks and service marks:
Trademarks or service marks of other company or company product if used on this site would be belonging to the service provider who is advertising on this site. These companies need not be associated to us and we may not endorse their services. Using any of the trademarks, content or any other item on the site cannot be used by anyone without taking express permission for doing the same and if granted and used, any goodwill generated would inure to our benefit.

Sending us any comments, ideas or material as also submitting any questions regarding any aspect of the site has to be done while adhering to the following terms and conditions. We or our associated companies may use such information or material for any purpose as the unsolicited information given to us becomes con-confidential and non-proprietary. We could therefore distribute the information or reproduce it or uses its idea for any other related purpose. These usage so declared are not limited to just these factors but anything else that the company or our listed companies may deem fit at that moment. We and our affiliates can use the material thus forwarded to us to develop new product also. It is royalty-free and perpetual as well as irrevocable right that you give us by sending us such unsolicited information and its contents. The rights include that of copying, transmitting, sublicense, transfer and create derivative works. It also gives us the rights to use your name with the information if so required or desired by us.

Editing, Deleting and Modification:
Any content of the site, whether entered by us or received as unsolicited information from you, would be edited, modified and deleted by us at our own behest. The right to do so is with us.

You indemnify us, our affiliates, the service providers, subsidiaries as also the shareholders of the Company, office bearers, directors, managers, agents and other such related associates from any claims which includes that of the cost of an attorney, made to cover damage , suits, or judgments arising from the following :-
(A) using the site or its services.
(B) Any breach of agreement as specified in the site.
(C) Violating any rights of other entity.
This paragraph applies to cover the site, the service providers listed in this site, subsidiaries of our company, our agents, licensor and attorneys. Such individual of our company or related company has the right to assert these provisions directly by own self against you.

Warranty Disclaimer. The services and products that you receive from any of the service provider that is listed on this site comes to you in “AS IS” and “AS Available” basis. No warranty is therefore applicable which is permissible as per extant laws. The Company does not provide any warranty that the service you receive from the provider of the service would meet all your requirements. The site does not provide warranty for timely deliverance of the item or service nor does it provide any warranty for uninterrupted working of the product upon delivery. Warranty liability of the site is absolved in case you receive an item with problems from any of the providers listed on this site. We are also not liable for any issue that arises from non-availability of the internet connection that the site is running on. Warranty of any would only be applicable in case the same is stated in the sites agreement clause.

Limitation of Liability:
In case of suffering any loss which includes loss of profit, loss of data or goodwill and other intangible losses, the company is not responsible for the same. The losses could have been accrued by you through a direct indirect or incidental manner.

Third Party Websites:
By using this site you also agree that in case you are driven to some third party site, you would not hold the company liable for the content availability or resources of that third party web site. These third party websites are not associated with this company in any manner and therefore their resources are beyond our purview. We are also not responsible for the availability of such third party web sites. Their privacy policy, terms and conditions, services and products is any are also not being endorsed by this company. It is your sole responsibility to confirm these aspects.

Privacy policy / user information:
Our privacy policy covers all information provided by you, which includes feedback comments and any other material. Our privacy policy has been incorporated in our agreement clause.

Legal Warning:
Any endeavor by anyone to damage tamper, destroy or even vandalise any content of the site would be liable to be charged under a criminal and civil laws. Such offenders would be dealt with by the company with full resilience to draw the greatest penalty that the law provides for.

Other issues:
The agreement therefore stands between you and the company only and usage of the site has to be pursuant to the rules laid down by the company. The Agreement is the highest clause in case of any arbitration. If there is any clause that contradicts that which is specified in the Agreement, it would be the Agreement that would be taken as the base clause. In case we are unable to enforce any clause laid in the Agreement, it cannot be held against us or made as precedence case. It is also being agreed by you that the agreement though placed on the site in text form is same as the printed format, and that you agree to abide by the printed format of the agreement too. You are not to use this Agreement to create any partnership or agency or such relationship with any other party. In case you have any query regarding the Agreement, you are to contact us directly at the address given. We would also be happy to provide you with any other related information on the agreement if you have any such thoughts, please feel free to contact us.